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 Baby and Toddler Playsongs Music Groups in Dorset
Baby Playsongs (birth to 12months): Charlie Cavallaro
Location: Sherborne, Dorset

Baby Playsongs groups have a nurturing, calm atmosphere with a focus on developing those first wonderful interactions you can enjoy with little ones. Traditional songs are made easy and fun and new ones are introduced, which you and your baby will love.


The groups are also a place to meet and make friends with other parents; an opportunity to socialise as well as learn.


Come and enjoy:

  • traditional songs with actions and movement to make them playfully interactive. 

  • songs to nurture development, structured around baby's day: getting dressed, going out, eating, playing and resting.

  • massage for calming and soothing.

  • playing with percussion and sound makers to support baby's physical coordination, focus and musical curiosity.

  • discussing an aspect of your baby's development which is supported by Playsongs music and movement (and accredited educational research). 


Toddler Playsongs (12-24 months)

At this age children are actively exploring their world and beginning to learn boundaries and positive interaction in groups. During the first half hour, Toddler Playsongs engages young ones with music and movement; watch and wonder as your child learns skills in social interaction, motor-coordination, vocabulary and communication. During the second half hour Toddler Playsongs facilitates toddler's independent exploration of instruments while parents and carers enjoy each others' company, enjoy a tea or a coffee and make a musical instrument to take home and play.


About Charlie Cavallaro

I'm the first Playsongs baby. My mum, Sheena, started her baby music groups for me. I was brought up with the songs and rhymes she collected and shared in her groups.  


While this has not made me a musician, it has made me feel confident that I am a musical being. As a child I grew to love singing in all situations and as an adult I find great pleasure singing and making simple sounds with my daughter. It is this that I wish to share with other parents and carers; the confidence to play with our children through song and sound. I believe all of us can enjoy being musicians with our children and my Playsongs groups are all about learning the tools to do so. 

Baby Playsongs - Thursdays at 9.45am from 15th September - £20 for 5 weeks

Toddler Playsongs - Thursdays at 11am from 15th September - £25 for 5 weeks

Sherborne Children's Centre

Sherborne Area Youth and Community Centre, Tinney's Lane, Sherborne DT9 3DY

Baby Playsongs • Toddler Playsongs Music Groups

Order the Books+CDs • Stream the Audio Free

All our books come with guidance and ideas for getting the best from the interactive songs and rhymes, whether they're a peekaboo, a fingerplay, a face-toucher, nose-squeaker, a toe-tickler, a knee-rider, pony trotter, action song or dance. They're full of pictures for sharing too.

Our audio is performed by Playsongs People, a band of brilliant musicians: Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Leon Rosselson, Kevin Graal, Steve Grocott, Janet Russell, Kaye Umansky, Debbie Sanders, Rick Wilson, Giles Leaman and Tom Wright.


All our songs and rhymes are free to stream. Order the books to get the best from them, enjoy the illustrations, and have each collection available (with CD) in a hands on, physical space. 

26 Pop Pop PopSandra Kerr Playsongs People
00:00 / 00:37

Pop pop pop go your poppers,
Zip zip zip go your zips,
With your hat on top and your boots
You can jump up, and GO GO GO!


An exciting start to a nursery day, or a game to play whenever you're getting out the front door together. We've featured it in this week's blog to celebrate those wonderful early years settings, which give our little ones so much care and enjoyment.

It's one of our favourites from the original Playsongs.


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