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Ring a ring a roses (Songs from childhood ~ Jacqui)

Jacqui Doughty is mum to three growing lads and runs a film production company based in Bath. She has always worked in television and film and has been a producer at Children's Television Workshops (Sesame Street) and the BBC, before setting up her own company, Walk Tall Media

Here is her favourite childhood song along with the Playsongs version of it with roses and daisies from Rachel Fuller's illustrations for Sleepytime Playsongs.

My favourite song as a child was Ring A Ring a Roses because I loved being tickled ~ or running away from being tickled and being chased and tickled. It was my mother who tickled me most, but I vaguely remember my Grandfather also tickling us.

My children loved Wheels on the Bus which I could make go on for hours with lots of invented verses.


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