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Heidenröslein (Songs from childhood ~ Tamar)

Tamar Swade, author of Someone Special, song-writer, musician, dancer, counsellor, researcher and writer about the healing power of touch, runs baby music groups at Waterman's Art Centre in Brentford, London, and has done for many many years. Some of her 'babies' have come back as parents, delighted to share the Tamar fun they had as children with their own. Here is her own favourite childhood memory of being sung to by her mother.

What came to mind immediately when Sheena asked me about songs I remembered being sung in my childhood was Schubert's song 'Heidenröslein'. On Sunday mornings my brother and I would wiggle into my parents' bed. My Dad had already got up and we would snuggle up to my Mum - all warm and cozy - and she would sing us Heidenröslein. It's such a beautiful tune, still one of my favourites.

The first song that came to mind from my adult life was 'The Pirate Song' from 'Lively Time Playsongs' because the under-fives I teach - and their Mums - ask for it EVERY week!


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