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We all go travelling by ~ a memory song, an action song, a colour song and a sound song all rolled u

A little song called 'I spy with my little eye', which I wrote for my nursery and reception children when they had a transport topic to explore, was published by Barefoot Books with a super recording by Fred Penner. They've made an animation of it for You Tube and here it is. (You can find the original version in Livelytime Playsongs, track 9).

With babies and toddlers it's fun to sing on journeys. Bigger children enjoy the actions:

I spy with my little eye (circle index fingers and thumbs round eyes like spectacles)

You can hear with your little ear (cup hands to ears)

A yellow school bus (turn the steering wheel)

Goes beep beep beep (press the horn)

And we all go travelling by, bye bye (wave bye bye)

And we all go travelling by. (wave)


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