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Two small dogs (Dau gi bach) ~ knee bouncer

This knee bouncer is for a rainy day, and it makes me smile to think of the two little dogs trotting along cheerfully wet, splashing and ploutering through the puddles. Mari Griffiths translated it from the original Welsh and we added a little chorus, which you can find in Livelytime Playsongs track 19, along with the lovely original melody. It's a super one to play as a rhyme or to sing as you splash through the puddles. We've included the original Welsh from the lovely Welsh nursery rhymes site Hwiangerddi

Two small dogs came walking by, Each one wearing collar and tie, Two small dogs in brand new suits, And each one wore four wellington boots.

Two small dogs.

Dau gi bach yn mynd i'r coed esgid newydd ar bob troed Dau gi bach yn dwad adre wedi colli un o'u sgidiau Dau gi bach


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