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One little bat

We're celebrating the dark dark nights of winter in our baby and toddler group. Here's an energetic little knee-bouncing bat that takes off into the air and lands upside down. We've adapted it from Helen MacGregor's 'Five little owls' published by Playsongs. You may also know the tune from the song 'Down in the valley where nobody goes'. But you can simply say it as a rhyme - either way it works and conjures up the chilly nights of winter. Wrap up warm..

One little bat in the middle of the night (bounce baby from one knee to the other)

Had a wriggle and a jiggle as the moon shone bright (wriggle and jiggle)

First flew up and then flew round (lift baby high and swoop her round)

And then went to sleep hanging upside down.

(bend from the waist and turn yourself and baby upside down)

(adapted from Five Little Owls by Helen MacGregor, ©2004, 2017 Playsongs Publications)


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