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  • Sheena

Five little peas go POP!

A finger play for toddlers or a lift for a little baby. Here's how.

Five little peas in a pea pod pressed (hold up one fist tightly closed) First one grew (uncurl thumb) Then another (uncurl index finger)

Then all the rest! (uncurl all other fingers) They grew bigger (hold hands, palms together, and gradually separate them) And bigger (spread hands wider apart) And bigger (and wider...)

Till POP! (CLAP!.)` The pea pod burst!

With little babies, hug them to you and rise to standing. On POP! swoop baby up in the air. Babies and toddlers love an intriguing sound. Mouth pops are fun. Put your index finger inside your cheek and pop it out for the loudest pop you can make.


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