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We were breezing along making new song and rhyme collections with all our wonderful contributors. Along came coronavirus and we all skidded to a halt.

In this Grand Indoors Exercise series, we're sharing songs and rhymes in the making, or already published. We want to give you some fun-filled indoor exercise. A little slot of shared energy for you and your baby or toddler, whether you're a parent, carer, or grand elder.

We start with a rough cut of Achinaee from Playsongs Grand Sleepover (now published). Kevin Graal supplies the lilting, diddling vocals for this little Irish knee-bouncing rhyme. There is no tune (that we know of), and Kevin is making one up as he goes along. You can do the same. There are no rules. No rights no wrongs.

Bounce a little baby or toddler on your knee. Dance with a babe in arms or dance holding hands with a toddler. On 'floor', quickly slide baby/toddler between your knees to the ground, lifting them back into your lap for more bouncing. And more and more and more.....

Achinaee, when I was wee, I used to sit on my granny's knee, Her apron tore, and I fell on the floor, Achinaee-a-ee.

(Irish traditional, this recording © 2020 Playsongs Publications)

Steve Grocott's mandolin is the nimble companion to Kevin's voice. When we can share physical space again, we'll finish the recording with percussion to add to the rhythm. But you can do that for yourselves. Just pick up a pot and a spoon to tap along ~ that's when you've exhausted yourselves with the knee-bouncing and dancing of course.

The apron which dances tirelessly through the movie is by Linda Bullough.

The title image for Grand Indoors Exercise is by Rachel Fuller

Steve Grocott

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1 Comment

etain ferdenzi
Apr 01, 2020

Achinaee! Love this one. Dee -di -diddley -oh.

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