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Picking up the daisies

It's No-Mow-May and there are so many daisies ~ plenty to pick for a daisy chain ~ or just enjoy sitting among them as you play that old favourite Ring a ring a roses - with its second verse of daisies:

Ring a ring a roses A pocket full of posies, Atishoo, atishoo, We all fall down.

Picking up the daisies, Picking up the daisies, Atishoo atishoo! We all jump up.

Hold hands with a toddler, or hold your baby in your arms and freestyle a dancing ring of roses. Plop down onto the ground on 'we all fall down'. Pretend to (or really) pick daisies for your daisy chain, and jump back onto your feet on 'we all jump up'.

Or if you're lucky, you can sit among the daisies with baby and let your toddler toddle in a Ring a ring a roses round you.

Sandra Kerr and Leon Rosselson sing the song for us on Livelytime Playsongs, track 1 (second half). And here's the video.

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