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Snowball Clap!

Some of us have had snow. Down here in the south of the UK, the babies and toddlers haven't seen much of it. There have been very few snowballs to freeze little fingers. But if there is no snow where you are, they can still play with snowballs ~ in the bath ~ and these snowballs are nice and warm for little hands.

Recipe ~

  1. One warm bath full of water with some babies or toddlers

  2. Two soapy hands

  3. Loads and loads of soap bubble froth

Method ~ Gather a palmful of soap bubbles in one open hand, and say:

Roll a soapy snowball

Float it on your hand

With the other one ~ CLAP!


(Words: Playsongs Publications, from Playsongs Grand Sleepover, forthcoming)

Good idea to have a towel between you and a toddler with a soapy snowball!


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