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Playsongs Bounce and RhymeTime

These sample sessions of songs and rhymes have been devised for libraries, and have been delivered at library settings on request. Baby music groups and Early Years settings may also find them useful.

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Web peekaboo ted_edited_edited.png

Please enjoy all or any part of these sample sessions, which ~ with lots of repetition (which we can't overemphasise!) ~ fit roughly into 30-40 minutes. Better to do fewer items slower, and repeat them often. Babies need time to absorb the patterns of actions and sounds, and they love repetition. So don't worry about getting through all these items in one session.

The sessions follow an arc of energy and activity from low/slow/intimate through to higher/faster/rowdier and back to a low/slow wind down.

The suggested instruments and the teddy box are not requirements, but they will add to the fun. Many libraries have a stock of little handheld soundmakers already and these are all that are needed. Pairs of empty yoghurt pots to clop together, and pairs of short tapping sticks made by chopping up broom handles are quick and easy additions. A teddybox can be made very easily from a cardboard box with a lid, and a hand-sized hole cut out of one side. A teddy hand puppet inside the box can then be made to lift the lid and pop out to say hello, and demonstrate some of the soundmakers hidden in the box with him. Here's a teddybox we made earlier...

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