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Stream Livelytime Playsongs
29 playsongs and rhymes performed by Playsongs People

Stream Livelytime Playsongs

Livelytime Playsongs ~ the book
Baby's active day in songs and rhymes

Picture book with free streaming £7.99
This format: 32 page full colour picture book, containing 29 playsongs and rhymes. All the lyrics, all the pictures, all the play guidance. FREE AUDIO STREAMING HERE or on any major streaming platform

Picture book with CD and free streaming £9.99
This format: all the above plus a physical CD as well as everything on stream.  FREE AUDIO STREAMING HERE or any major streaming platform

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Gorgeous colour pictures and playsongs tell the story of baby's lively day. • Lots to see in all the pictures – spot the teddy on every full colour spread • Listen to the songs and sing them yourself as they become familiar • Play the interactive games – full of lively fun and active learning • Share with baby from birth • Waking, dressing, out and about, playgroup, shopping, tea time, bed time and story time • performed by Playsongs People - over a million streams - including Sandra Kerr, Janet Russell, and Janet Russell.


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