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Stream Five Little Owls
21 sleepy counting playsongs and rhymes performed by Playsongs People 

Stream Fve Little Owls

Five Little Owls ~ the CD
Sleepy counting playsongs

CD and free streaming £6.99
Own the physical CD with printed insert containing all the play guidance for using the maths. FREE AUDIO STREAMING HERE or on any streaming platform

Five Little Owls have fun with numbers in a restful mix of songs, rhymes and games. • Restful songs for number play • Finger plays, rocking songs, listening games, lullabies and soothers • A musical start to numeracy • Counting, adding, subtracting, and the language of numbers • Traditional favourites mingled with new • Music arranged in the Playsongs way • Performed by Playsongs People - over a million streams - including Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson, Janet Russell, Kevin Graal and Nancy Kerr.

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