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Grand Day Out preview

Playsongs Grand Day Out is one of three new collections of songs and rhymes coming soon. They are especially created for grand elders to share with their grand youngsters in some grand, out and about times together.

Each collection, in book+CD+audio-stream format with full colour illustrations throughout, contains a lively mix of action songs and rhymes, old and new, for everyone to enjoy, whatever their age, whether out exploring together, or enjoying some rainy day playtime indoors. 

You'll find tasters of the songs and rhymes in Grand Day Out on this preview page alongside those for Grand Day Exercise and for Grand Sleepover on their preview pages.

Our first taster is a bouncy, brisk rhyme to energise the palaver of getting out the door. And once you're going, you can use it for a bouncy march down the street with a toddler on board for a piggy back. Or take a seat, and play it indoors as a fun little knee bouncer, making up actions to suit the words. 

One two

One two ~ on with your shoe
Three four ~ jump to the door
Five six ~ zipper to fix
Seven eight ~ wait by the gate
Nine ten ~ I say when––––––
We’re off, we’re off ~ so clear the way
We’re off for the whole of the day.

Words: Sheena Roberts, arranged and performed by Playsongs Publications Ltd 2020; images by Rachel Fuller fo Playsongs Publications Ltd © 2020

© 2015 by Playsongs Publications Limited

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