Playsongs Grand Day Out on stream

It's Grand Opening Time for Playsongs Grand Day Out ~ one of three new picture books of songs and rhymes ~ especially created for grand elders to share with their grand youngsters, whether you're out and about together, or having a rainy day play time.

Each Grand picture book has a CD with it, and the option to stream all the audio to your device from right here.

And so our Grand Opening has begun. 


Order the Playsongs Grand Day Out picture book+CD to get everything together in one complete package, price £9.99:

  • all the playsongs lyrics and rhyme words

  • all the pictures to share with your little one

  • all the tips and ways to use the songs and rhymes to get the best interactive fun from them

  • plus a CD with all the audio in one physical place


Grand hello and hullaballoo!  (tracks 1-5)
Grand gad about town  (tracks 6-11)
Grand time at the park  (tracks 12-18)
Grand getting about  (tracks 19-24)
Grand day at the sea  (tracks 25-30)

Playsongs Grand Day Out