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Playsongs Movies for Babies and Toddlers

We've made some of our Playsongs rhymes and songs into movies. They're designed to engage babies and toddlers without overwhelming them. 

Little Peter Rabbit

Hop into spring with Little Peter Rabbit, one of our most popular action songs for little babies and toddlers. Lightly tap a little baby's nose and tickle the 'fly' away with your fingertips. 


Bigger toddlers and little children will love being Little Peter Rabbit and doing all movie actions with you. 

A little frog

Your thumb is the little frog. Tuck your thumb-frog into your fist and pop him out on 'OUT'.

A little frog is one of the teaser rhymes in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

Here are the candles red white and blue

Hold up your fingers to make the candles, wiggle them as they flicker, then 'blow' them out - catching baby's face or hair, or baby's fingers with your puff. 

Here are the candles red white and blue is one of the tickle-puff rhymes in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

Eye winker

This little face toucher helps little babies with 'you' 'me' differentiation. Touch each part of baby's face and touch your own in turn. Older babies will start to touch your face and later will touch their own faces in response to the words.

Eyewinker is one of the face touchers in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

There was a little mouse

Cup baby's hand in yours and trace a circle round her palm with your finger. That's the little mouse sitting in a chair. 'Miaow' then run your fingers up baby's sleeve to tickle her ear. 

There was a little mouse is one of the tickling rhymes in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

This is Bill Anderson, this is Tom Sim

Your baby or toddler sits on your knee facing outwards. Hold one of their legs in each of your hands - waggling one for Bill and the other for Tom. Criss-cross them over each other as Bill and Tom fall over each other, then faster and faster as they roll down the hill.

This is Bill Anderson is one of the leg-walker rhymes in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

The elephant goes like this like that

Sway baby slowly on your knee from side to side as the elephant stomps along. Rub her fingers, toes and nose. Toddlers enjoy making their arms wave like trunks.

The Elephant is one of the action rhymes in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

Chop chop chop chop

Rhythm sticks or long bricks can be your carrot and knife. 'Chop' the carrot in time with the rhyme to make an intriguing sound for a little baby. Toddlers can play along with the rhyme.

Chop chop chop chop is one of the sound-maker rhymes in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

One to make ready

Swing a toddler into the air between two of you as you walk down the road, hand in hand. Jog a baby on your knee, swinging baby up into the air on 'away goes the mare'.

One to make ready is one of the lift rhymes in Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

The gypsy rover

A gentle little knee-rider, lullaby or back-packing croon.

The Gypsy Rover is one of the lullaby knee rides in Sleepytime Playsongs. Buy your copy here.

Wee wiggie

Starting with the little finger, rub each of baby's fingers in turn. Pretend to gobble up her thumb on 'gobble gobble gobble'.

Wee wiggie is one of the fingerplay rhymes in Playsongs. Find them all here.


Make up simple hand actions for the three little hedghogs, ending with rolling your hands into a ball.


Pat baby's tummy to the rhythm of the song. Take a toddler's palm in yours, patting it with your fingers, then with your index finger pricking it and tracing a B.

Ring a ring a roses

Bounce baby on your lap then slip her between your knees to the floor on 'we all fall down'. 'Pick daises' into her lap and jump her back onto yours for another round. Toddlers can play the game holding hands with you and circling round together, dropping to the floor and jumping back up again.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Bounce baby on your lap then swing baby high into the air as Jack leaps over the candlestick. Stand with a toddler facing each other and holding hands. Jump your toddler on the beat and swing up the last line.

Dandlelion clock

A summertime song for blowing dandelions to tell the time.  Or sing it to lullaby a baby or toddler to sleep. 

Five little owls

Five, naughty little owls jump out of bed in the middle of the night to sing and dance in the moonlight. A counting song for little children, a dancing finger play for toddlers, and a knee-bouncer for babies.

Can you play at peekaboo?

One of the oldest games ever, peekaboo is surely common to all cultures around the world. Here's our favourite, performed by Sandra Kerr and Leon Rosselson for the very first recording made by Playsongs Publications. Buy your copy of Playsongs here.

Santa's Christmas jumper karaoke

Sing along with Isla and Chiara then off you go on your own karaoke. Sing up a jumper for Santa, for Rudolf, and the robins. And remember to sing yourself into a Christmas jumper too.

Santa wears his Christmas jumper

Make this song your own, whether you're Sarah, Jamie, Chiara, Emil, or Santa. Sing along to get the hang of it, and then you're on your own for Santa's verse. He's wearing his Christmas jumper of course - he wears it all night long while he's working on the deliveries.

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