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Action songs and rhymes for babies and toddlers

Over 70 songs and rhymes, traditional and new, for the very best musical start you can give your child ~ a world of play that's educational and fun from birth to pre-school.

'A complete guide to playing with babies and young children.' Under Five Contact

'An ideal gift for a new baby.' Early Education


  • Playsongs is available as book + free audio streaming (price £7.99), or as book + free audio streaming + CD (price £12.99). Inside you'll find:  

    • 72 songs and rhymes with illustrations throughout and beautifully-produced audio
    • Guidance on getting the best from musical play
    • Support for EYFS areas of learning and development
    • Interactive and engaging fun for active learning and sharing with baby from birth
    • Peekaboo, fingerplays, knee rides, actions and dances, and much much more
    • optional extra CD with all 52 song tracks in one physical space
    • free digital audio streaming from our website to your device - 72 tracks including all 52 songs and 20 rhymes 
    • Ideal for parents, carers and Early Years practitioners
    Format: Book (48pp) + audio streaming + optional CD 
    Illustration: Line and tone throughout
    Age Range: 0-3 Years
    Author: Written and compiled by Sheena Roberts 
    Illustrated by Stephanie Ryder 
    Performed by Sandra Kerr and Leon Rosselson
  • Peekaboo games

    1. Can you play at peekaboo?

    2. Where oh where?

    3. Jack-in-the-box



    4. Eyewinker

    5. Clap clap clap

    6. Spots spots spots

    7. Knock at the door

    8. Little Peter Rabbit*

    9. Tommy Tommy

       Sounds to touch - sound exploration



    10. Ticklebird

    11. Wee wiggie

    12. A little frog

    13. Teddybear teddybear

    14. There was a little mouse



    15. Rock rock rock (Row row row your boat)

    16. What shall we do with a lazy Katie?



    17. One two three

    18. Tarangam

       Dancing toys - to make and play

    19. Macaroni girl

       Stop-go dancing - game

    20. Everybody says sit down


    Leg walkers and foot patters

    21. I can hear Daniel walking down the street

    22. Leg over leg

       Ankle bells and contrast sounds to explore

    23. The grand old Duke of York

    24. This is Bill Anderson

    25. Bee baw babbity

       Sound-makers to kick and pull

    26. Rig a jig jig

    27. Hob shoe hob



    28. Jelly on the plate

    29. Jack be nimble
    30. A sailor went to sea

    31. Bouncing ball

    32. Shake the blanket


    Pony trotters

    33. Father and Mother and Uncle Tom

    34. Tinga layo!

    35. Hop up, my ladies

    36. This is the way the baby rides

       Yoghurt pot clip clops - playing a beat


    Washing and dressing

    37. Scrubbing song

    38. This foot

    39. Pop pop pop go your poppers

    40. Sarah wears her stripey dress

       Dolly board - to make and play


    Out of doors

    41. I went to visit a farm one day

    42. Swing song

    43. Roly poly over

    44. One to make ready

    45. Riding on a train


    Sound makers

       Sound games for babies

    46. Who's that tapping at the window?

       Sound games for toddlers

    47. Charlie is beating a drum

    48. Richard can you do this?

    49. Here's a box

    50. Aiken Drum

       Sandpaper blocks to make and play

    51. Coffee coffee

    52. Tick tock

    53. Chop chop

       Rhythm sticks to make and play



    54. Kangaroos like to hop

    55. Come along, John

    56. Golden corn

    57. American jump

    58. Early in the morning

    59. Dabbling ducks

    60. Open, shut them

    61. The elephant goes like this like that



    62. Tommy Thumb

    63. Dance, Thumbkin, dance

    64. Peter and Paul

       Finger and hand puppets

    65. By'm bye

    66. Old Davey Jones

    67. Five little peas

    68. Lollipops

    69. Here are the candles



    70. Rockaway


    71. All the pretty horses

    72. Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire





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