Playsongs Grand Sleepover on stream

Playsongs Grand Sleepover is one of three new picture books of playsongs and rhymes for you to start streaming now. They are especially created for grand elders to share with their grand youngsters in some grand, visiting times together.

Each Grand picture book has a CD with it, and the option to stream all the audio to your device from right here. 


Order the Playsongs Grand Sleepover picture book+CD to get everything in one complete package, price £9.99:

  • all the playsongs lyrics and rhyme words

  • all the pictures to share with your little one

  • all the tips and ways to use the songs and rhymes to get the best interactive fun from them

  • plus a CD with all the audio in one physical place


What's on stream:
Tracks 1-10 ~ Grand excitements and play 
Tracks 11-16 ~ Grand apart togetherness
Tracks 17-20 ~ Grand teatimes 
Tracks 21-29 ~ Grand bathtimes and bedtimes
Tracks 30-37 ~ Grand lullabies and night songs

Playsongs Grand Sleepover