Grand things to come

Grand Sleepover preview

Playsongs Grand Sleepover is one of three new collections of songs and rhymes coming soon. They are especially created for grand elders to share with their grand youngsters in some grand, visiting times together.

Each collection, in book+CD+audio-stream format with full colour illustrations throughout, contains a lively mix of action songs and rhymes, old and new, for everyone to enjoy, whatever their age, for those exciting times when a grand elder or a grand youngster comes to stay.

You'll find tasters of the songs and rhymes in Grand Sleepover on this preview page alongside those for Grand Day Out and for Grand Exercise

Our first taster is Corn tortillas ~ a play rhyme for tea time baking, preparing tortillas together. But it's for imaginary play too. So ~ sit baby on your knee and clap baby's hands together in yours as though you're flattening a round of tortilla mix. On BITE, pretend to gobble up baby's hands, tummy, toes ~ whichever part of baby produces her biggest chuckle ~ in yours.

With a bigger child, try the tortilla game: both of you hold your hands, palms together, out in front of you, just touching the fingertips of your partner. Say the rhyme, clapping an imaginary round of tortilla mix between your palms in a rolling action, clapping your hands one way up then the other. On BITE, try to catch your partner's hands in yours. 

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Corn Tortillas

Corn tortillas for gramma and me
Corn tortillas for gramma and me


Roll them out flat and roll them out thin
Roll them all around with a rolling pin.


Cook them on the top of a hot hot griddle

Cook them all around and cook them in the middle

Fill them with chille filler, fill them up tight
Fill them up quick and take a ~ BITE!

Words: author unknown, this arrangement and audio by Playsongs Publications Ltd ©2020; images by Rachel Fuller © 2020 Playsongs Publications Ltd