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Baby’s lively day in pictures and songs

Gorgeous colour pictures and lively playsongs tell the story of baby's day.

    Livelytime Playsongs

    • Livelytime Playsongs is available as book + free audio streaming (price £7.99), or as book + free audio streaming + CD (price £9.99). Inside you'll find:

      • Songs, rhymes, full colour illustrations supported by beautifully-produced audio
      • Full guidance on how to play the interactive games as baby develops from new born to toddler
      • Lots to see in all the pictures – spot the teddy on every full colour spread
      • Listen to the songs and sing them yourself as they become familiar
      • Play the interactive games – full of lively fun and active learning
      • Share with baby from birth
      • Waking, dressing, out and about, playgroup, shopping, tea time, bed time and story time

      Illustration: Full colour throughout
      Age Range: 0-3 Years
      Author: Written and compiled by Sheena Roberts 
      Illustrated by Rachel Fuller 
      Performed by Playsongs People: Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson & Janet Russell

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