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Five Little Frogs
Lively counting playsongs

Digital booklet (pdf) with free streaming £3.99
This format: 32 page digital booklet, containing 22 counting playsongs and rhymes. All the lyrics and all the play guidance.

CD and free streaming £6.99
This format: all the above plus a physical CD as well as everything on stream.  FREE AUDIO STREAMING BELOW

Five Little Frogs have fun with numbers in a lively mix of playsongs, rhymes and games. • Lively songs for number play • Finger plays, knee bouncers, action songs, listening games, lullabies and dances • A musical start to numeracy • Counting, adding, subtracting, and using the language of numbers • Traditional favourites mingled with the new • Music arranged in the Playsongs way • Performed by Playsongs People - over a million streams - including Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson, Janet Russell, Kevin Graal and Nancy Kerr.

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22 lively counting playsongs and rhymes performed by Playsongs People

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