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Lively counting playsongs

Five Little Frogs

  • Lively counting playsongs
    Fun with numbers in a lively mix of songs, rhymes and games.


    • Lively songs for number play
    • Finger plays, knee bouncers, action songs, listening games, lullabies and dances
    • A musical start to numeracy
    • Counting, adding, subtracting, and using the language of numbers
    • Traditional favourites mingled with the new
    • Music arranged in the Playsongs way

    Format: CD 
    Age Range: 2-7 Years
    Performed: by Playsongs People: Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Kevin Graal, Leon Rosselson & friends



    1. Onery twoery
    2. This old man
    3. Mosquito one
    4. One two three a-leary
    5. My hat it has one bobble
    6. Everyone freeze
    7. Body beat
    8. Onery twoery
    9. Five purple elephants
    10. Five little ducks
    11. Five little froggies
    12. Three ripe bananas
    13. Three craws sat upon a wa'
    14. Let's do the numbers rumba
    15. Onery twoery
    16. One stick of barley-o
    17. Gingerbread man
    18. Ten fat sausages
    19. Pancake
    20. One bottle of pop
    21. Onery twoery
    22. Nine little starships
    23. The Bangor boat
    24. Alice the camel
    25. Engine engine/I'm a little piece of tin
    26. One man went to mow
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