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Baby’s restful day in pictures and songs

Gorgeous colour pictures and restful playsongs tell the story of baby's day.  Requires no music reading.

Sleepytime Playsongs

  • Sleepytime Playsongs is available as book + free audio streaming (price £7.99), or as book + free audio streaming + CD (price £9.99). Inside you'll find:

    • Picture songbook + audio stream + optional CD
    • Songs, rhymes and full colour illustrations
    • Full guidance on how to play the games as baby develops from new born to toddler
    • Point, listen and play – interactive and restful fun
    • For sharing with babies from birth
    • For waking gently, nappy time, knee rides, snoozing, out of doors, bath time, massage and lullaby 
    Illustration: Full colour throughout
    Age Range: 0-3 Years
    Author: written and compiled by Sheena Roberts 
    Illustrations: by Rachel Fuller 
    Performed: by Playsongs People: Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson & Janet Russell
  • Gentle rousers

    1 Last night as I lay sleeping

    2 Sleepy little baby

    3 Oh moon ~ play with me

    4 New day

    Ticklers and teasers

    5 Baby Michael

    6 Under teddy's jumper

    7 Slowly slowly

    8 Shoe a little horse

    Knee rides and games

    9 The gypsy rover

    10 Jackass with him long tail

    11 Trot trot trot

    12 The mocking bird song

    Nap time snoozers

    13 Jingle jangle

    14 Hush a baw birdie, croon

    15 Bee-o bee-o

    Ears and eyes

    16 Listening walk

    17 Wiggle worm

    18 Incy wincy spider

    19 Dandelion clock

    Bathtime washing songs

    20 Underneath the water

    21 Splish splash splosh

    22 Bubble

    23 Dance to your daddy

    Massage stroking rhythms

    24 Face trace

    25 Lavender's blue

    26 Mousey Brown

    27 Souallé

    Lullaby sleepy songs

    28 Dad's lullaby

    29 Hush a bye, baby bye

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