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Sleepy counting playsongs

Five Little Owls

  • Sleepy counting playsongs
    Fun with numbers in a restful mix of songs, rhymes and games.


    • Restful songs for number play
    • Finger plays, rocking songs, listening games, lullabies and soothers
    • A musical start to numeracy
    • Counting, adding, subtracting, and the language of numbers
    • Traditional favourites mingled with new
    • Music arranged in the Playsongs way

    Format: CD  
    Age Range: 2-7 Years
    Performed: by Playsongs People: Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Kevin Graal, Leon Rosselson & friends



    1. Onery twoery
    2. Five little owls
    3. Snail trails
    4. My little blackbird
    5. Hedgehogs
    6. Over in the meadow
    7. Inchworm
    8. Onery twoery
    9. Three little engines
    10. The magic ring
    11. The golden boat
    12. Mystery bus ride
    13. Onery twoery
    14. Draw a bucket of water
    15. We like soap
    16. Jelly fish
    17. Baby, you comin' out the bath now?
    18. Two clean hands
    19. Baby maths
    20. Onery twoery
    21. Ten stars
    22. Buttons
    23. There were five in the bed
    24. One little dreamboat
    25. Counting sheep
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