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  • Sheena

Playsongs – environmentally friendly play

​​​The most environmentally-friendly entertainment for babies and toddlers needs nothing more than the air we breathe. Primed with some favourite chants, songs and rhymes, and the games that go with them, you'll never be at a loss – whether it's to help a journey go more quickly, calm a crying baby, or just for the sheer fun of it (and its bonding and educational too). Try this knee bouncer to cheer a grumpy toddler:

I think you need some––––– (lift your toddler into your lap and bounce her on your knee as you chant)

I pick her umpus,

Mumpus bumpus,

Breeches, gaiters,

High chilly wang wang


(lift her high then 'drop' her between your knees on 'pills', and begin all over again)

I think you need some………

(collected from Andrew Appleby who learned it from Joan Robertson, Orkney)

At Playsongs Publications we've collected familiar and new songs, rhymes and chants like these into book and CD packs with illustrations and play directions so they're immediately accessible. The sounds are acoustic and the performances by Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson and friends can take endless repetition – the grown up babies who are now recycling Playsongs all over again with their own children tell us so.

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