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Little lamb (Songs from childhood ~ Kaye)

Kaye is one of Britain's favourite children's authors ~ and the writer of many, brilliant little Playsongs Publications rhymes. She has a genius for short, effective and very funny action rhymes. Try out Peeketty Boo, Under Teddy's Jumper or Fruit salad. (Click on her picture to visit Kaye's website.)

Kaye is a lady brimful of music, which she lapped up at the piano with her mum and family - a singing tradition she has passed to her own, now grown up daughter. They still regularly sing together. Here is Kaye's memory of an almost calamitous experience, singing her favourite childhood song. We weren't able to capture that moment on film, but we have got Kaye singing with her own daughter as you'll see in the video.

The song I remember most is Little Lamb, Who Made Thee? Mum was a music teacher and entered me for Plymouth music festival. I was four, I think. I decided I wasn't going to go on stage, then changed my mind at the last minute and trotted up with poor mum hurrying in my wake, dropping the piano accompaniment all over the floor. I forgot the second verse, but somehow managed to come second.

The song I have passed on to my own daughter is called I Come To The Garden Alone. It's an old fashioned hymn with a sweet melody and we sing it in harmony. I think we sound pretty good!


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