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Baby blanket games

There are many games to play with a baby blanket. Here are two types of game we use a lot whether at home or in the Playsongs group. Use the blanket

~ for hiding yourself or the baby behind to play Peekaboo games;

~ to make a cradle/hammock to swing the baby in; hold two corners of the blanket in each hand. In Scotland this is called a shoudy:

Peekaboo songs

• Can you play at peekaboo ~ Playsongs collection

• Where oh where? ~ Playsongs collection

• Peekaboo ~ Livelytime Playsongs collection

• Peeketty peeketty ~ Livelytime Playsongs collection

• Baby Michael ~ Sleepytime Playsongs collection

Shoudy shoudy rocking songs

• Swing song ~ Up and down

• Rock rock rock (Row row row your boat) ~ Playsongs collection

• By'm bye ~ Playsongs collection

• Rockaway ~ Playsongs collection

• We love baby ~ Livelytime collection

• Last night as I lay sleeping ~ Sleepytime collection

• Lavender's blue ~ Sleepytime collection

• The Bangor Boat ~ Five Little Frogs collection

• One little dreamboat ~ Five Little Owls collection


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