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Five Little Owls ~ counting song

Full moon and the little owls are restless. Dance out the bedtime fidgets with them if the little ones are still in bouncy mood when it gets to bedtime.

Stream the owls' song in Five Little Owls, where you'll find a host of other number-loving songs and rhymes. This album covers a wide range of number skills and offers a great way into enjoying them.

Count the owls on your fingers, dance to their song with a babe-in-arms. Hold hands with a just-standing toddler so they can bounce to the beat. Freestyle with a bigger toddler or little child. There are lots of actions to try - but mind those noses. And if you're all out of energy and fidgets, flop down together and watch the little owls movie. Then you might like to hum the owls quietly to sleep.

Five Little Owls is the title track of the album of the same name. Together with Helen MacGregor, award-winning author, we made a sleepy little collection of counting songs. It is partnered by the lively album, Five Little Frogs. There's lots of clever maths in them both for little children and loads of fun for babies and toddlers.

The song, Five Little Owls, uses both cardinal numbers, one-five, and the ordinal numbers, first-fifth. With a toddler, count the owls on your fingers together. Which is the first owl ~ owl number one? Is it your thumb? Your little finger? Can you count them out of bed (uncurl them out of your palm), dance them, then count them back down into bed?

The album, Five Little Owls, includes many numeracy skills: ordering, pairing, counting, matching, adding, taking away, evens, odds, ordinal and cardinal numbers, comparison of shape, size and position.

Who'd have thought there could be so much maths hidden inside songs for little people?

Try taking away jellyfish, counting up sheep, number-matching stars, joining the goats on top of the bus on a mystery bus ride.

You'll find them all here and here

Owls illustrated by Alison Dexter Moon by NASA

Song lyric by Helen MacGregor with Sheena Roberts

© Helen MacGregor and Playsongs Publications

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