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Let's make a cake!

On a grey wintry day, when the sun refuses to shine, and the rain clouds won't lift, it's time to get the mixing bowl and wooden spoon out, and bake a cake. This favourite game song, was made by a community arts group, who produced many wonderful songs for little children.

This one gets everyone using their imagination to bake a pretend cake, with lots of actions and stirring to enjoy. One of the original contributors to Prof Dogg's Troupe, Leon Rosselson, stirs up a cake for Playsongs with the help of Debbie Sanders and the littlies.

You can find the whole song and interactive play ideas in Playsongs Grand Exercise:

Words and music by Harriet Powell © 1983, 2001, 2013 Harper Collins from Game-Songs with Prof Dogg's Troupe

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