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Playsongs People ~ Number 1. Sandra Kerr

I started pulling together the threads of a collection of playsongs and rhymes back in 1984. I'd been running baby music groups in the early days of those song-sharing circles of parents with babies and toddlers in their arms and on their knees,

I was very lucky indeed to have worked around that time on another project with Sandra Kerr, she of Critics Group fame, and star of Bagpuss. Very lucky indeed, because without her, Playsongs would almost certainly not have made it further than first thoughts. Without her encouragement, I'd not have had the confidence to persevere. But that's Sandra for you. She has spent a lifetime encouraging others. Not only did she say, yes do it, she said she'd record it. AND, she'd get her pal, Leon Rosselson, to record it with her.

A few months later, in a recording studio somewhere in Notting Hill, I found myself beside a sound engineer looking through a window into a room full of microphones and equipment ~ Sandra and Leon and their guitars all ready to go. And blimey did they go! I don't remember ANY second takes. 52 songs, a run through each, then straight into 'record'. They were both spot on first time with their vocals, guitars, banjo, concertina, autoharp, penny whistle... and an array of little sound-makers. Sheer well-honed expertise and experience. So what you hear on the Playsongs recordings is virtually a live performance. One that's full of fun and warmth and the freshness of their sound.

Later when we'd made a further five albums, and enlarged the band to include five others, it became necessary to find a group name ~ hence Playsongs People.

Playsongs People ~ now even further enlarged as a band ~ have been working their magic again. The new Playsongs Grand series is the result. Sandra's voice, guitar, concertina and autoharp, and her specially-written Grand songs are there at the heart of it ~ along with her never failing encouragement.

So, Sandra Kerr, Playsongs Person No 1, thank you.

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