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Tommy Whoops

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy

Whoops Tommy Whoops

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy.

This is a fingerplay, which starts out with you doing the finger playing on the fingertips of your baby's hand. Later, it transitions into one which they can do for themselves.

The delight is in managing the words and combining them with the fingertip touching ~ at speed.

Take one of your little baby or toddler's hands in yours. Touch each fingertip, starting with the little finger, saying 'Tommy' as you do. When you get to the index finger, slide your finger 'Whoops' down into the valley between baby's index finger and thumb, and up again to the thumb-tip for the fifth 'Tommy'. 'Whoops' back down and up again and, in reverse, touch each fingertip back to the little one.

How fast can you do it?

My Sicilian son-in-law says it this way (Topo is 'mouse'):

Topo Topo Topo Topo Swing Topo Swing

Topo Topo Topo Topo

I wonder if there are other language versions of it? Please share if you know any.

Stream Tommy Whoops here: Playsongs Rhymetime, track 3.

Kevin Graal says the rhyme The pictures are by Rachel Fuller

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