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34 action-packed playsongs and rhymes, uniting grand elders with their grand youngsters in energetic knee-bouncers, actions, lifts and dances.


Grand new treats and golden oldies for laughter and play.


'Best of all are the wonderful tips for grandparents on how to make the most of the songs and to connect with their baby or toddler grandchild.' Book Trust

Playsongs Grand Exercise

  • Playsongs Grand Exercise is available as book + free audio streaming (price £7.99), or as book + free audio streaming + CD (price £9.99). Inside you'll find:

    • 32pp of full colour pictures to share with your little one
    • all the words of all the 34 songs and rhymes
    • tips and tricks for getting the best interactive fun with them
    • optional extra CD with all 34 tracks in one physical space
    • free digital audio streaming from our website to your device
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