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Lap games and lullabies for the very young

Someone Special

  • Lap games and lullabies for the very young

    Tamar Swade's wonderfully original songs and rhymes for the very young - a great mix of the riotously funny with the soothingly restful.

    • 27 new and traditional lap games, action songs, dances, and dreamy lullabies performed by Tamar and friends
    • Includes a booklet of lyrics and ideas for actions and games to play
    • A feast of styles, intriguing sounds and instruments of the world  
    Format: CD (includes streaming)
    Age Range: 2-5 Years
    Written and performed byTamar Swade & friends
    1. Dance to the rhythm
    2. Someone special
    3. Two little monkeys
    4. Mummy and daddy and Aunty Con
    5. Here's a little baby
    6. You've got a nose
    7. Kookaburra
    8. When it's cold and wintry
    9. Dolphins leap up high
    10. Lie you down
    11. Jelly on the plate
    12. Hippopotamus
    13. Aunty jumping Jo
    14. All join in
    15. Ten little fingers
    16. Here's a little teddy bear
    17. What shall I find?
    18. Trot along, my pony
    19. Here's a little spider
    20. The frog song
    21. Leap right up
    22. Ewe
    23. Baby rock
    24. Betty Botter
    25. I met a clown the other day
    26. Popcorn
    27. Treasure
    28. Take you for a dance
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