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Baby sounds

I have a bit of baby wonder to share. I was holding my 8-month old grand daughter and loudly clicking my tongue as we went downstairs together. She thought that was great and loved it even more when we did This is the way the lady rides with lots more tongue clicking. A little while later I was walking with her in my arms and heard a tiny, tiny little clicking sound. I looked down at her and she was looking enquiringly up at me. I wasn't quite sure whether to believe my ears, but clicked back. Back came the tiny, tiny little clicking sound. Somehow or other, she had worked out how to click her tongue. How I don't know because she couldn't see what my tongue was doing, only that my mouth was very slightly open. I told my daughter, who later had a long train journey full of little tongue-clicking conversations between the two of them and with the friendly man sitting opposite, who was also fluent in 'click'. I was lucky to hear this little bit of baby wonder - it was so quiet, I nearly missed it - it made me think all over again about the wondrous goings on in these early months.


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