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Teddybear Party

A friend called out for teddybear songs to use at a first birthday party.  Our Playsongs bear says these are his favourites. 

Teddybear Teddybear, touch the ground (his favourite toe tickler) Under Teddy's Jumper (his tummy button squeaker) Here sits a teddy on your knee (his best hide and seek game)

Here's a little teddy bear (mountaineering for adventurous bears)

Ten little teddies (just like sleepying bunnies but better, says Ted)

Round and round the garden (tickle teddy time again)

Teddy in the window (this one makes him very sad, then really really happy)

You can have a great teddybear party with any or all of these. Don't forget to play Pass the Teddy with any of our songs for stopping and starting. Whoever gets the teddy, does a teddy dance. Or if too little, gets a whoop up in the air in the arms of their grown up.


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