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  • Sheena

Peekaboo in Hong Kong

Well that was daft! I had a super little video to share - all ready to post. Except I hadn't pressed record at the right moment - gone! All I have is this still of Cindy performing it and my memory of what she said. So this is how you play Peekaboo in a little village in Hong Kong, where they speak a dialect of Cantonese. Cindy's mother used to play it with her children. Very simple - hide yourself then jump out as you say 'O chay'. Or that's what it sounds like. The words are onomatopoeic. Just like Peekaboo, the meaning is in the action and its intention to surprise. Babies everywhere start enjoying it from birth and when object permanence - the understanding that though you've disappeared, you're still there - has developed by around 5 months, they'll love it even more. Tell us your version of Peekaboo, and better still email us a video!


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