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Play peekaboo on screen if you're separated from one another. Our teddy demonstrates this Playsongs peekaboo game: Can you play at peekaboo?.

It's the very first song in the Playsongs original collection, performed by Sandra Kerr and Leon Rosselson. Both are grandparents and great grandparents now and, like so many of us, separated by these coronavirus times from great and grandchildren. So, I'm glad to be reminding you all of this, the very first recording we ever made for Playsongs. It's perfect for screen time with the littlest members of the family.

Can you play at peekaboo? I can play at peekaboo, Are you there? Yes I am! Are you there? Yes I am! Peeka-peeka-peeka-peeka-BOO!

Peekaboo must be one of the oldest baby games ever played by humanity. We're guessing that every culture must have a word for peekaboo. We'd love you to share any you know with us. Here are some of the ones we've come across by asking friends for peekaboo in different languages:

a kuku (Poland) coucou (France)

ache (Hong Kong)

guck-guck (Germany)

peekabook (Wales)

(Can you play at peekaboo? words: David Shepherd; tune: adapted from Oats and beans and barley grow; published by Playsongs Publications; movie produced by Playsongs Publications ©2020)


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