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Hedgehog peekaboo

We've brought our three little hedgehogs out to enjoy the extra starry nights and the bright full moon. But what are those scary sounds?

Find the full song on Five Little Owls, track 4, or watch the Playsongs movie below. Here's how to use it as a fingerplay peekaboo game. Share the game during screen time with family members separated by the social distancing.

Make a smooth round hedgehog ball with your hands, interlacing your fingers, thumbs side by side, and palms cupped,

First line – blow gently between your thumbs into the ball of your hands to make an owl hoot.

Second line – peek from behind your hedgehog hands and pop your hands open on BOO

Third line – make a ball again, and shake your head

Last line – spring your interlaced fingers upwards like prickles

Number one hedgehog, he heard the owl twit-twoo,

Number two hedgehog, she heard a ghost saying boo,

Number three hedgehog said I'm not scared at all,

But then he rolled himself into a prickly ball!

words: © Playsongs Publications


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