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Bums up, bumblebees ~ overhead lifting game for a baby

These bumblebees at the allotment with their heads buried in a cardoon flower and their bums in the air were just asking for a silly rhyme:

Buzzy buzzy bumblebees,

Flying up in the breeze,

Heads down, bums UP,

Supping from a flower cup.

(©2016 Playsongs Publications)

How to play the game: this is an energetic rhyme for a baby confident with being lifted overhead. Hold baby firmly and 'fly' her to the rhythm of the words, lifting her above you and tipping her head down to meet yours. Gently bump her forehead on yours on the last line.

Toddlers can respond with whole body actions, being busy bees, supping from flower cups, then buzzing away to find another.

#bumblebees #playrhyme #wholebodyactions


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