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Haet a wummel ~ Orkney tickling rhyme

This Orkney tickling rhyme was demonstrated for us by Ola Gorie, whose many grandchildren have all loved it. It's a bit scary when you know that a wummel is a gimlet, and the rhyme starts by heating it! But that's a nursery rhyme for you - no holding back for the squeamish!

Your pointing index finger is the wummel. Circle it in the air as you teasingly select a place to tickle your victim with it.

Haet a wummel, Haet a wummel,

Bore a hoel,

Bore a hoel, Whar a piece?

Whar a piece?

In here in here in here!

(Heat a gimlet

Bore a hole

Which bit?

In here!)

Traditional Orcadian play rhyme


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