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Maisie bombaisie ~ name game, tongue twister

Here's an affectionate way to play with babies' names. Fun to use in a group setting, when introducing everyone round the ring, or on your own with your own child. It's a playground game from Fife taught to us by Eilidh Graham. You can make it work for any name once you get the hang of it, and it's got a good knee-bouncing rhythm to it – start slowly and speed up.

Maisie bombaisie

Stickalaisie fyfaisie

Fyfaisie stickalaisie That's how you spell Maisie!

Charlie bombarlie

Stickalarlie fyfarlie

Fyfarly Stickalarlie

That's how you spell Charlie!

Arlo bombarlo

Stickalarlo fyfarlo

Fyfarlo stickalarlo

That's how you spell Arlo!


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