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Shake your tambourine (Wind the bobbin up) ~ sound making song for a homemade tambourine

First make your tambourine! Easy peasy if you go to our Instrument Making posts. It's fun to make and you quickly have an instrument you can play together.

Here's a reworking of the song Wind the bobbin up to sing as you tap and shake your tambourine. Don't worry if you don't know the tune – say it as a rhyme. Another song you can recycle into a tambourine shaker is Knees up Mother Brown ('Shake your tambourine, shake your tambourine, Shake it, shake it, Tap and scrape it, Shake your tambourine.')

Shake your tambourine,

Shake your tambourine,

Shake, shake, tap tap tap!

Shake to the window, Shake to the door, Shake to the ceiling, Shake to the floor. Shake all together now

One - two - three!

Put it quietly on your knee.

Words: adapted by Charlie Cavallaro © Playsongs Publications Ltd; melody: traditional


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