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A finger walk ~ finger play action song

Sit with baby or toddler facing you resting on your raised knees. Walk your fingers up from his toes to his knees and fly your hands like seagulls in the air. Climb your fingers down to his tummy, and wriggle them in the 'waves' or 'wash' the flats of your hands back and forth. Slowly and tiredly climb your fingers back up to his knees and run them quickly back down to cuddle his feet to finish.

Sing it to the tune of 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor'.

A finger walk, a finger walk, We’re off to take a finger walk, We’ll climb the hill to see the sea, And watch the seagulls flying free.

A finger walk, a finger walk, We’re striding along on a finger walk, We’ll climb right down to see some more, And splash in the waves upon the shore.

A finger walk, a finger walk,

Our finger feet are feeling sore,

So home for cake and home for tea, A cosy treat for you and me!

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