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Under Teddy's jumper ~ baby tickle rhyme

Singing with our babies can become a habit that lasts into adulthood. One mum told us her 18 year old lad still loved her to sing Spots spots spots from Playsongs. Kaye Umansky, children's author and creator of Pongwiffy has always sung with her daughter, and they still sing whenever they can - see her childhood song post, Little Lamb. To celebrate Kaye, here is one of the rhymes she wrote for Sleepytime Playsongs. It's a big favourite for bathtime and getting dressed.

Under teddy's jumper, Under teddy's vest, There's a little button, Waiting to be pressed, Lift up teddy's jumper, Take a little peek ~ Press the little button, Make him squeak, squeak, squeak!

© 1997 Kaye Umansky, published by Playsongs Publications Ltd

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