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Let's make a snowman ~ action song for building a full-size indoor snowman (and knocking him dow

No snow? S'no problem!

Charlotte, Natalie and Jessica show how to make an indoor snowman for children to build - and knock down - while singing the wonderful snowman song: Let's make a snowman. Charlotte learned the song some years back and has shared it with little children ever since. But she doesn't know who wrote it. So we're reprinting the words here in the hopes that the author will be happy for us to do so, and with any luck will come forward and identify themselves. And if you know who that person is, please tell us! Many thanks.

Let’s make a snowman and let’s make him fat,

Give him a round head and put on a hat,

A carrot for his nose and then I suppose

Some buttons down his chest.

Oh he really is the best,

Cos he's a fat, jolly snowman,

A roley poley snowman

We’ve made a snowman today, Hooray!


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