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Gingerbread man ~ counting rhyme

Gingerbread man and drum

Here's a teaser for a baby ~ your thumb is the gingerbread man for baby to catch. It's also a lively knee bouncer for a toddler, with a thumb chase at the end. Tease a bigger little one's brain with the counting rhyme.

Here's a puzzler for you. Make us a rhyme for 'Four and four and eight is sixteen…' We got stuck and cut straight to the chase.

You'll find the rhyme in Five Little Frogs, track 17, where Leon Rosselson narrates, and Rick Wilson chases the gingerbread man along on drums.

One and one and two is four Gingerbread man at the oven door,

Two and two and four is eight Gingerbread man ate the food off my plate.

Three and three and six is twelve Gingerbread man ate the food on the shelf,

Five and five and ten is twenty Gingerbread man, my cupboard's empty.

Gingerbread man he ran and ran, Gingerbread man catch him if you can!

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