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Hedgehogs ~ fingerplay or whole body action song

Sometimes we'd all like to hibernate like a hedgehog – specially in the dark, sleepy days between Christmas and New Year. Little ones don't give us much chance to take a nap, but we can all enjoy a gentle game like this one. Find the full song on Five Little Owls, track 4 . Here's how to play it as a fingerplay rhyme.

First line – raise one finger, indicating 'number 1' then interlace your fingers to make a smooth round ball of your hands - the hedgehog. Make an owl hoot by softly blowing between your thumbs into the space between your palms.

Second line – indicate two with fingers then make a ball again; burst hands open, fingers spread wide on 'boo'.

Third line – indicate three with fingers then make a ball again with your hands, shaking your head.

Last line – quickly rotate your hands, palms up, and point your interlaced fingers upwards like prickles.

Translate the finger play actions into whole body actions with bigger children, who will enjoy trying to roll themselves up into a prickly ball!

Number one hedgehog, he heard the owl twit-twoo,

Number two hedgehog, she heard a ghost saying boo,

Number three hedgehog said I'm not scared at all,

But then he rolled himself into a prickly ball!

words: © Playsongs Publications


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