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The Gypsy Rover ~ rocking lullaby or gentle knee ride

Don't know the words to songs to sing to your baby? Well, they don't know the words either. But they just love your voice. Hum, sing la, or reflect back to them the sounds they are making - mamma or dadda - those are good ones!

Charlie says she's noticed that her little toddler is vocalising melodies using sounds like 'ah'. So you may well find you're encouraging your toddler to sing by taking away the words and reducing the complexity of the sound he or she is tuning in to. And here's a gloriously lovely melody to share, The Gypsy Rover - it goes beautifully to 'mamma mamma mamma ma...'

Looking out of my window, I see it's raining - not as sunny and lovely as the teddy's view in the movie. But it reminds me of the lovely sing-song chant, 'Rain rain go away, come again another day' - so simple and another good one to 'mamma' to baby. She'll be tuning in.


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