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Hop hop hop ~ Easter knee ride

When it's hot cross bunny time, my 'Easter tree' is full of little chicks and decorated eggs, ready for grandbaby to enjoy. Here's an Easter version of the knee ride song, Trot trot trot. You can listen to the tune in Downloads, no 11 in Sleepytime Playsongs, and it works just as well as a rhyme. My daughter adapted it for her Easter Playsongs group and it goes like this:

Hop, hop, hop! Hop and never stop, Hop along my Easter Bunny, Find those eggs, They’re oh so yummy, Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, Hop and never stop!

(traditional melody, words adapted by Charlie Cavallaro for Playsongs Publications, ©2016)

Here's an alternative set of words for Patacake - find it in the Playsongs blog, where you'll find how to play it as a hand-marking game:

Patacake, Patacake,

Baker’s man,

Bake me a hot cross bun fast as you can,

Pat it and prick it and cross it for for me,

And put it in the oven for baby and me.

(traditional, adapted by Charlie Cavallaro for Playsongs Publications, ©2016)


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