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Roly poly over to a bigger Playsongs

It was a big track list before. It's an even bigger track list now. At the end of 2018, we launched our new edition of Playsongs with an expanded CD. It comes with all 52 of the songs in the book. No change there. Still the great performances of Sandra Kerr and Leon Rosselson to enjoy as you familiarise yourself with the songs to sing them with your little ones. No change there.

What's new and even better is the addition of all 20 rhymes from the book, performed by Kevin Graal, with all his humour, warmth and engagement. They've been enhanced by tuneful and rhythmic accompaniments created by Stephen Chadwick. And he's added some very funny sound effects.

Here's one for out of doors when you're enjoying the sunshine on a patch off lawn, where the clover's softening the grass. It's a lovely one to play with a baby who's just reaching that wanting-to-stand stage. Lie baby on her back on the grass, roll her side to side, take her hands and raise her to sitting, then all the way up to standing. On the last line, fly her up and away above your head. Good exercise for you too!

Roly poly over

Sit among the clover

Take my hand and up you stand And AWAY you go ~

© Sandra Kerr, published by Playsongs Publications

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