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The Elephant goes like this like that

A wild, swaying knee-ride for a baby, or a stomping, stretching, whole-body action rhyme for the bigger ones. Play along with pounding drums, party blowers ~ or even better.... wellington boots in puddles on a rainy outdoors day.

Here's how it goes:

The Elephant goes like this like that (sway baby from side to side on your knee, stamping your feet) He's terribly big and he's terribly fat! (stretch baby's arms high then wide)

He has no fingers, (wiggle baby's) He has no toes, (wiggle baby's) But goodness gracious ~ what a NOSE!!! (snake arm out to tickle baby's nose)

(traditional words, music by Stephen Chadwick, rhyme performed by Kevin Graal, illustrations by Rachel Fuller, movie by Playsongs © 2019)


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