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Here are the candles

My friend Ami and I made this birthday cake movie together. I gave Ami the difficult bits ~ syncing up the candles with the puffs. She's eleven and it was only the second movie she'd ever made, but she was totally at home with it. Thanks Ami.

Enjoy it when you have a birthday to celebrate or whenever you have an excuse for cake. It's a tickle-puff rhyme to ruffle your youngster's hair as you puff out pretend candles. Older ones can blow on their fingers to puff out the candles and rub their tummies-full of cake. Thanks again to Kevin Graal, Stephen Chadwick and Rachel Fuller for vocals, sounds and pictures.

Here are the candles: Red, white and blue,

To put on a birthday cake for you.

Now take a deep breath Get ready to blow:

Ffff ffff ffff

Out they go!

(from Playsongs Action Songs and Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers ©Playsongs Publications)


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